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  • Hi all--   To clarify: in the upcoming tech upgrade the username and password will be the same. We are urging folks to make sure that the current system has their current email. ------------------------------ ... More

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    RE: Charlotteville

    Hello to all.  Unfortunately, Charlottesville was another example of those who want to keep racism alive.  There were people on both sides who were planted to create an incident.  Our country is and was ... More

  • I believe the regs are similar in MA, but don't remember off the too of my head exactly what they say. You can get portable sinks. They have attached underneath a fresh water tank and a waste water tank ... More

  • I do understand, Jack, how scaffolding gets misconstrued when individual needs are overlooked. I never liked the term much myself, and my colleague Janet Gonzalez Mena writes about Magda Gerber's view ... More

  • I also tried Michael, and it didn't recognize my Username or password. ------------------------------ Patricia Sclafani Fresno CA ------------------------------ More

  • I believe it will come down to the laws in your state. Here in Cali we have to have running water within three feet of the changing table. ------------------------------ Patricia Sclafani Fresno CA ------------------------------ More

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