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  • Dear community members, We wanted to start a thread where you can ask questions and find lots of useful information on NAEYC's member benefits. We are happy to know that many of you are excited ... More

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    RE: Staff Physical

    Hello Fellow Practitioners, Concerning staff health requirements, if you check your states regulations you should find the regulation for staff. In Pennsylvania in our regulations Chapter 3270 Regulation ... More

  • Thank you to all who have responded to my question about the lunch/nap transition.  I enjoy this forum and reading all the posts here! ------------------------------ Pam Zornick Carrboro NC --------- ... More

  • Hello, Thanks for your remarks, and understanding that as parents our roles are to teach our children about safety first.  I live in South, Florida and it seems that everyday there is a devastation all ... More

  • Hello Mary Fitzgerald, Thank you for contacting NAEYC Accreditation of Early Learning Programs. In regards to staff   physicals   in the streamlined assessment items, NAEYC does not directly assess ... More

  • Dear Lynne,    Thank you for contacting NAEYC Accreditation of Early Learning Programs. In regards to ratios, NAEYC as a voluntary accreditation system will assess the ratios at the same numbers ... More

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  • NAEYC Launches New Membership Categories

    NAEYC is excited to launch our brand-new membership structure with more options and benefits than ever before.All NAEYC members have automatically been upgraded to their new ... More
  • Where can I find answers to my questions?

    Have questions?  We have answers!  Check out our frequently asked questions (FAQ).  The FAQ covers such important questions as "How do ... More

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