Early Childhood Science Interest Forum

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Welcome to the Early Childhood Science Interest Forum of NAEYC!
The NAEYC Early Childhood Science Interest Forum intends to connect early childhood educators—those who are new to science and those who are passionate about teaching it—for the purpose of creating a national dialogue around issues related to science teaching and learning.
The forum’s overall goals are to:
• build understanding of the nature of quality science teaching and learning;
• promote public understanding of the importance of inquiry-based science curriculum and appropriate content and an awareness of what all young children are capable of doing and learning;
• provide opportunities for the exchange of effective strategies and quality materials for teaching science;
• identify and provide resources to AEYC Affiliates when they want to plan science-related professional development opportunities or other science-related events;
• support efforts to expand professional development opportunities for teachers and administrators; and
• establish and maintain a collaborative relationship with other professional organizations with similar goals, such as the National Science Teachers Association, the Council for Elementary Science Education, and the Association of Constructivist Teaching.
Join us! The NAEYC Early Childhood Science Interest Forum (ECSIF) provides an opportunity for early childhood educators to network with others about teaching science, explore what is appropriate content, discuss what young children are capable of doing and learning, exchange effective strategies and materials, and learn about resources for boosting inquiry‐based science in early childhood.