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Diversity and Equity Education for Adults Interest Forum  

Welcome to the Diversity and Equity Education for Adults (or DEEA) Interest Forum! This Interest Forum is a place where you can come to share your questions and resources related to anti-bias education. Together, we will build a community of early childhood educators who explore our challenges and celebrations, fears and passions--and everything in between--related to diversity and equity. Join us!

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Higher Ed Community of Practice  

The Higher Education Community of Practice is designed to provide opportunities for higher education faculty to strengthen scholarly work and practice in the early education field. In this online community you will be able to share best practices, provide current resources on topics of interest and engage in meaningful dialogue with others involved in teacher preparation.

The Higher Education Community of Practice is here to help you, as faculty, connect the dots between your work, competencies and resources of NAEYC. Join us today!

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Open Discussion Forum  

The Open Discussion Forum is THE place for NAEYC members to have conversations, make connections, and share online! This forum is open to NAEYC members and is visible to the general public who visit the site.

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