Quick Start Guide

Hello! Hello is your online members-only space for interest forums, online communities, and more. Discover a new way to connect and collaborate with colleagues--from your computer or on the go on your mobile device. We’ve put together this handy guide to show you the basics and help you get started quickly! Welcome. It’s easy to get started. You can get to Hello by navigating to http://hello.naeyc.org/ and clicking “Sign In in” the top right-hand corner of the page. NOTE: you must be a NAEYC member to access hello.

After clicking ‘Sign In’ you will be brought to NAEYC’s Membership Portal. Simply log in using your NAEYC member credentials and you will be brought back to the Hello homepage.

You can also select ‘Create an account’ if it’s your first time logging in or ‘Forgot your password?’ to create a new password.

Profile. Tell us about yourself. 

We’ve used your information from our database to complete the basic parts of your new profile, including your name, organization and contact details. Now make it yours by filling out areas like education, bio, and social links to help other members find you and get conversations started. You can even automatically populate your profile with your LinkedIn account. Don’t forget to upload a picture of your smiling self! This really helps add to the community and helps others get to know you. 
NOTE: Want to control who sees which pieces of info? No problem. Just click “My Account” in the profile navigation and select “Privacy Settings” to adjust your security.


Connect. Find new colleagues; connect with familiar ones. 

Look for other members by name, company or email address by using the “Member Directory” tab in the main navigation. Or dig deeper by using the “Advanced Search” function to look for people by area, community type, location, and so much more. Once you’ve found the person(s) that you’re looking for, you can view profiles, send messages or add as a contact directly from the search results page.

Communities. Take a look around.

As a Hello member, you have been automatically subscribed to the Open Discussion Forum community. The Open Discussion Forum is the heart of Hello and it is where a wide variety of conversation on early childhood topics takes place. Simply select “Open Discussion Forum” under the “Communities” tab to get started. 

Interest Forums. Get involved.

NAEYC Interest Forums are communities in Hello that encourage the exchange of information and resources about specific topics relevant to NAEYC’s mission and goals. Interest forums co-moderate the Open Forum space, leading discussions on important topics in the field. The forums provide NAEYC members a way to expand their knowledge and share their specific passion within early childhood education with other NAEYC members. Forums focus on a range of topics—from health and safety to professional development systems to men in education.

Forums often host face-to-face meetings at conferences, such as NAEYC's Annual Conference and Professional Learning Institute. Interest Forum members stay connected in Hello throughout the year to continue the dialogue, share best practices, and champion the passion of forum members. 
You may join or change interest forums online at NAEYC’s member page. Navigate to https://members.naeyc.org/eweb and log in using your NAEYC Member ID and Password

Once logged in, find the ‘Account Links’ sections and click on ‘Interests’

On the Interests page, simply click or unclick the checkboxes next to the interest forum you wish to join.

Please note: It takes around 30 minutes for changes to apply in Hello.

Participate. Start a conversation; post your thoughts or share a file. 

The participate tab allows you to jump right in. Get started by posting a message. Under the participate tab, select “Post a Message.”

Next, you’ll be taken to the post a message screen. The Open Discussion Forum is where the online conversations happen, so under “Selection Discussion” choose “Open Forum.” Be sure to include a relevant subject line. You can use the content box to format your message. 

Continue to scroll down to the bottom to the screen to finish your post. Select add a tag to add pre-populated tags to your message. Tags are associated with content areas, audiences, age groups, or with individual interest forums. You can add multiple tags to your message. After adding the appropriate tags, you can also edit your signature and add attachments. When you are finished, click “Send.”

Now, try sharing a file (or resource). Navigate to the “Participate” tab on the homepage. Select “Share a File.”

You will be taken to the Share a File screen. To begin, add a title and description to your file or resource.

Next, add a library for your file to live in. Select “Library” to open the drop-down menu. The drop-down menu is populated with each interest forum community as well as the Open Forum. Please select the community library that most closely matches the file or resource you are uploading.

After selecting the appropriate library, determine the file type of the resource you are sharing. You may choose from a number of options such as standard file upload, hyperlink, or Youtube video. When you are finished, select “Next” to upload your resource. Once you have uploaded your file, select “Next” to add a description.

After adding a description, click “Next” to add tags and keywords.


Here you can add pre-populated tags to your resource. Select a tag or tags that best match your file. When you are done, select “Finish” to upload your file or resource. 


Please note: you may finish uploading your resource at any point after the initial “Share a File” screen. However, we recommend adding a description and tags to your file--that will make it easier for you and others to find your resource.

Discover. Find information quickly and easily.
Hello comes complete with a robust search function that gives you the ability to locate posts and documents that contain exactly what you’re looking for. The search function scans through communities, resource libraries, and member posts to return items that match your search criteria. Get started by using the “Search” box on the main navigation bar to search the entire Hello site.

Once on the search page, you can filter and refine your results.

We’re here to help you get the most out of Hello! Please email the Community Manager with questions or concerns at Hello@naeyc.org.