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  • Dear NAEYC Members-- We have been experiencing a problem with member access to members-only content on We believe we understand the cause of the issue and that it should affect only a small number of users. If you experience any trouble logging ... More

  • 2018 is a big year filled with important elections across the country;  Power to the Profession  conversations that will impact early childhood educators; and momentum around a need for policy solutions that address the challenges of accessibility, affordability, ... More

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  • This is something I have had several discussions about, and something that always pops out in the conversation is that it doesn't matter. If they are engaged, it doesn't matter. And sometimes we don't realize a child is engaged. One explain is a teacher ... More

  • Really like your reply Jack Write. I have found too that making a strong connection with those children who are aggressive is important. Recently, I have even said to a 4 year old "I'm trying to help you." I don't think it even occurred to him until I ... More

  • Dear colleagues, I have many years of experience with 2's - 4's in preschool settings, but am now starting up a center that will serve children age 6 weeks - 4's.  I have been looking at websites of similar centers and talking with directors, but it ... More


  • "Recommend" Posts you "Like"

    Do you like to hit 'like' on Facebook?  My niece complains all the time that her uncles (and her mom) just 'like' too many things in Facebook.

    Did you know that Hello has a feature like this?  Hit "Recommend" next to a post with which you agree or that makes an important point you want to highlight or acknowledge.

    While we always encourage you to jump right in and say something--sometimes a "recommend" is all you have time for!

  • Quick Start Guide: Your Introduction to Hello

    Looking for Hello 101?  Wondering what's the fastest way to jump into the exciting conversations? Then the Quick Start Guide is the support document for you.

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