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  • Dear Community Members - Please see the following instructions for joining interest forums. You always go to the  Support page  for this, and other Hello related questions. 1. Navigate to Log in using your ... More

  • Dear Community Members, As part of NAEYC's exciting new technology upgrade, we are pleased to announce that starting Thursday morning you will use the same login information for both the new NAEYC Membership site and Hello. Because of this upgrade, ... More

  • Hello All! My name is Shakia Bonds. I was in the classroom with the children during centers time, and we was preparing the children for their centers by helping them with their play plans. While I was helping a very interesting question crossed my mind. ... More

  • Karen, Thank you for this information! I wrote my first book in collaboration with the child of an incarcerated parent. I reached out to Fran with the Children of Incarcerated Parents Interest Forum (CHIPS) over ten years ago as part of my research. ... More

  • Good morning Chris, We need to have discussions around the historic intentional denial of opportunities to a whole group. Many teachers do not understand the history of oppression in the United States because real history is not taught in many schools. ... More

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  • "Recommend" Posts you "Like"

    Do you like to hit 'like' on Facebook?  My niece complains all the time that her uncles (and her mom) just 'like' too many things in Facebook.

    Did you know that Hello has a feature like this?  Hit "Recommend" next to a post with which you agree or that makes an important point you want to highlight or acknowledge.

    While we always encourage you to jump right in and say something--sometimes a "recommend" is all you have time for!


  • Quick Start Guide: Your Introduction to Hello

    Looking for Hello 101?  Wondering what's the fastest way to jump into the exciting conversations? Then the Quick Start Guide is the support document for you.