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  • NAEYC is proud to provide Professional Development opportunities as one of the many member benefits we offer. It is also one of the most in-demand benefits for our members. Offering high-quality training is essential to our mission of helping you advance ... More

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  • But each child has a journey that is unique.  It is their choices, community, experiences etc that forms them.  I sometimes wonder if all attempts to "optimize development" takes away from that which is human- the human experience.  Our attempts to quantify, ... More

  • Some of us are behavorists. Some of us are developmentalists. Some of us are constructivists. Many of us reading this know how to develop theories into practice. Brain research is vital and nurturing social-emotional skills is critical. The reality is ... More

  • Dear All, Since my first post of the question, I have been following the dialogues closely to understand people in ECE field's view on the camera issue. Thank you for those of you spending times out of your busy schedule to read, comment, and respond ... More

  • The mother of our three sons was nervous about breast feeding so our sons drank formula. There is strong evidence that this factor would have limited their early brain development. However, my sons are alright: advanced degrees and stable relationships. ... More


  • "Recommend" Posts you "Like"

    Do you like to hit 'like' on Facebook?  My niece complains all the time that her uncles (and her mom) just 'like' too many things in Facebook.

    Did you know that Hello has a feature like this?  Hit "Recommend" next to a post with which you agree or that makes an important point you want to highlight or acknowledge.

    While we always encourage you to jump right in and say something--sometimes a "recommend" is all you have time for!


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