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  • Hi all-- Here are some resources from the NAEYC For Families website that were gathered for Mud Day this year: Naeyc ... More

  • Hi Gina, Thanks for responding. Yes, you may certainly quote me. Please do share the PNC Grow Up Great Lesson Center website with your early childhood colleagues. It's such a valuable resource and completely free! Have a great day! Stacey ------------------------------ ... More

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    RE: Bullying

    Bullying in ECE is so interesting isn't it?  On the one hand- kids are experimenting with everything and behaviors that would clearly be considered bullying in the later grades, are often innocent mistakes at age 3 or 4.  On the other hand, bullying behavior ... More

  • I like the term "Power dominance." I think it accurately describes what is happening in the pre-school classroom. Children are stretching their social and emotional wings through their interactions with their peers to see where they fit, how relationships ... More

  • Stacy, May I share this on our Mississippi Early Childhood Association Facebook page and Web page?  I would like to quote you directly if that is alright with you.  This would be great to share with our early childhood teachers. I wish you well, Gina ... More

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