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  • As a reminder, the  shipping schedule for member benefit books vary based on publication dates. They are not tied to any specific membership offer. Once you join, you will receive the next published title. Titles published before your join date are available ... More

  • I am part of a school that goes up to 8th grade. Our policy is to go out for recess (up to 30 minutes) unless the wind chill is 0 or below. I teach/live in southern Wisconsin. I have a friend who taught in Minnesota near the Twin cities. They went outside ... More

  • The CT State Office of Early Childhood does not have a "temperature clause" in the Rules and Regs. I once phoned to ask (in response to a parents question) and was told that it was up to the teachers/administrators to make the decision. I firmly believe ... More

  • In addition to Kathryn's experiences, I would add that children need 20-30 minutes of activity to get their hearts pumping.  I would aim for that, and make on the spot decisions while outside about wind conditions (will something blow into their eyes ... More

  • Yes, regional differences are important but there are many conditions to consider on a day to day basis.  Many, many, many years ago when I was coordinator of the Child Development Laboratories at Iowa State University, we did not have a specific and ... More


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