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  • We have released an update to the NAEYC statement on #FamiliesBelongTogether. June 29, 2018 - Update Today, dozens of NAEYC Affiliates are proud to join the national organization ... More

  • NAEYC is proud to provide Professional Development opportunities as one of the many member benefits we offer. It is also one of the most in-demand benefits for our members. Offering high-quality training is essential to our mission of helping you advance ... More

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  • John, your point about helping children understand that we want to hear their own unique answers, is so well taken. I agree that sometimes children are afraid to respond to a question because, perhaps, other adults have expected a certain answer and have ... More

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    RE: FPIES Advice

    I appreciate how thoughtful you and others are about this difficult situation.  The only similar situation I had as a teacher was with severe food allergies.  I had a child in my classroom with a severe allergy to dairy, including a contact allergy.  Since ... More

  • In Louisiana, we have specific Licensing guidelines that dictate what creatures can be in an early childhood classroom, so any programs that operate under those rules must follow these stricter measures.  The same is not true for "big school," which includes ... More


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    Do you like to hit 'like' on Facebook?  My niece complains all the time that her uncles (and her mom) just 'like' too many things in Facebook.

    Did you know that Hello has a feature like this?  Hit "Recommend" next to a post with which you agree or that makes an important point you want to highlight or acknowledge.

    While we always encourage you to jump right in and say something--sometimes a "recommend" is all you have time for!


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