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  • Dear community members, We wanted to start a thread where you can ask questions and find lots of useful information on NAEYC's member benefits. We are happy to know that many of you are excited to receive your tangible benefits, and have seen ... More

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    SITE Conference

    Hello All, If anyone is attending the SITE Conference in Washington DC March 26-March 30, I would love to connect (send me an email).  The Early Childhood SIG is meeting on Wednesday March 28, 12:45-1:45.  Given the robust discussion that is occurring ... More

  • We have 20 children. If we have MacChesse which is very messy. We go by tables an No-one is to get up unless we call you by name. One teacher is helping children with taking up their trash and the other teacher is help washing hands, faces and lining ... More

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    RE: Technology

    Thank you Rea, I agree it is better to be safe than sorry. Thank you Peggy and Andrea, you had very sound, thoughtful and well presented arguments.  I agree with a lot you are saying. Let me be clear, I am not anti-technology. I am "Educator Be Ware."  ... More

  • Helen, I read the blog link you provided which was interesting and followed it to an original source article at The Washington Post:  ... More


  • "Recommend" Posts you "Like"

    Do you like to hit 'like' on Facebook?  My niece complains all the time that her uncles (and her mom) just 'like' too many things in Facebook.

    Did you know that Hello has a feature like this?  Hit "Recommend" next to a post with which you agree or that makes an important point you want to highlight or acknowledge.

    While we always encourage you to jump right in and say something--sometimes a "recommend" is all you have time for!

  • Quick Start Guide: Your Introduction to Hello

    Looking for Hello 101?  Wondering what's the fastest way to jump into the exciting conversations? Then the Quick Start Guide is the support document for you.

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