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  • Tim, Glad to hear you are participating in the Public Policy Summit. I was there last year. I'm also glad to hear that you are aware of Power to the Profession and the work that is being accomplished there.  I absolutely understand the challenges of ... More

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    RE: Child Behavior

    I have a child who recently joined my class that exhibits behavior similar to what you are describing.  (He is 4 1/2, very bright, resists transitions and can be very volatile, attempts to hit me,  I don't see any signs of him being on the spectrum and ... More

  • I have been worried for years about the lack of trainings . I have worried about the lack of providers interest to be a part of organizations that are meant to help providers support one another for the benefit of the children in our care. I'd like to ... More

  • Thank you for Sending the link on the process of bringing NAEYC back to Wyoming. I really think this is something our state needs! ------------------------------ Abby Lazarus Cheyenne WY ------------------------------ More

  • Thanks to all who have participated in this discussion on Inclusion. The members of the At-Risk and Special Needs Interest Forum would enjoy further discussion with you. If you haven't yet clicked on us to join our Interest Forum, please do. There are ... More


  • Present at an NAEYC event!

    Don’t miss your chance to present at one of our premier events! You may now submit proposals for the 2019 Professional Learning Institute and the 2019 Annual Conference.

    For information on presenting at the 2019 Annual Conference, November 20–23, 2019 in Nashville, TN visit The deadline for submissions is 2/1/19.

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