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  • 1.  Math Picture Book of the Month

    Posted 03-11-2023 02:17 PM

    Hi All,

    The Early Math Interest Forum (EMIF) facilitators sponsor a Math Picture Book of the Month post for the Hello community. In this month's post, we highlight a newer release in the Charlesbridge Storytelling Math collection.

    In Again, Essie? by Jenny Lacika, illustrated by Teresa Martinez, Rafael wants to protect his toys from his little sister, Essie, because she is always knocking them down. Rafael collects boxes from around the house to build a wall tall enough and wide enough to keep Essie out. Is the wall strong enough? Is the wall high enough? Will it keep Essie out? 

    Again, Essie? is just one of many titles in the Charlesbridge Storytelling Math collection and it is also available in Spanish. A downloadable activity guide for Again, Essie? is also available in English and Spanish

    Math concepts in Again, Essie? include:

    • size

    • height 

    • capacity

    • spatial relationships

    • 3-dimensional shapes

    Suggested Activities:

    • Have students find things that are skinny, wide, tall, etc. in the classroom.

    • Have students use objects to block off a hideaway (like Rafael does). As they build, suggest they look for things the right size and shape to fill the spaces.

    • Gather boxes of different sizes and ask students to use them to build the tallest tower possible. Is there a way to turn any of the boxes to make the tower ever taller?

      • Have the students use the same boxes to build the shortest possible tower.

    • Check out the Activity Guide linked above for additional suggestions.

    Happy Exploring!

    Toni Galassini
    Early Math Interest Forum Co-Lead Facilitator
    Professional Learning Specialist
    Chicago Public Schools, Office of Early Childhood Education

  • 2.  RE: Math Picture Book of the Month

    Posted 03-15-2023 09:38 AM


    Thank you so much for sharing this fantastic book! I heard that Again, Essie? won a Mathical Book Prize, too!

    If anyone is new to the Mathical award, it's selected by the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute (MSRI), in cooperation with the Institute for Advanced Study (IAS). The award is presented in partnership with the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) and the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM), and in coordination with the Children's Book Council (CBC). Basically, they highlight the best math-related picture books of the year. You can find out more at

    Enjoy connecting math to reading!


    Carrie Cutler
    Co-Lead Facilitator for the Early Math Interest Forum
    Clinical Assistant Professor
    University of Houston
    The Woodlands TX