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  • 1.  Math Picture Book of the Month

    Posted 11 days ago
    The Early Math Interest Forum (EMIF) facilitators sponsor a Math Picture Book of the Month post for the Hello community. Check out the first one of 2023.

    In The Last Marshmallow (El último malvavisco) by Grace Lin, Olivia and Mei are ready for cocoa after playing in the snow. There's one marshmallow for Olivia and one marshmallow for Mei. But what will they do with the third marshmallow? How can two friends share three things fairly? This book talks about splitting things evenly. The children in the book decide to share (or split) the third marshmallow and that is a wonderful introduction to the concepts of division and fractions.  

    Math concepts include: 

    • Counting items 
    • Sharing an unequal amount
    • Fractions (splitting to share evenly)
    • Comparing 
    • Number words (no numerals in the story)

    Suggested Activities:

    • Fill a bowl with objects (pom poms, balls) in two colors. Ask children to take a handful and wonder about whether they have more of one color.
    • Gather some objects (marshmallows, cars, blocks) and encourage children to share them equally between 2 , 5 people. Ask how the items can be shared fairly.
    • Using number words, have children match the word with the same number of objects (marshmallows, beans, counters)
    The last pages of the book include ideas for exploring math at home (or at your school/site). You can also find an activity kit that can be downloaded from Charlesbridge in English, Spanish, and Chinese.

    Toni Galassini
    Co-Lead Facilitator for EMIF
    Professional Learning Specialist
    Chicago Public Schools Office of Early Childhood Education
    Chicago, IL

  • 2.  RE: Math Picture Book of the Month

    Posted 10 days ago
    Thank you for sharing! I've found introducing math concepts through picture books, and including an activity for children after, is a powerful vehcile for learning! What a great way to introduce early fraction concepts.

    Kelsey Stark
    Holland MI