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  • As a media literacy specialist, this is one of those questions that comes up a lot, and it's complicated, so forgive this somewhat long answer. First, I absolutely echo those who have reminded us that we should take great care not to undermine family ... More

  • I have always sidestep this issue (with kindergartners and first graders) by describing such things (Santa, especially) as magic. Magic doesn't need to follow real world rules, can be a big place where lots of believes can be respected, and avoids the ... More

  • Thank you for sharing, I understand every family is different, however from my perspective I think there is one point where the children should be able to understand and recognize what is fiction and non-fiction and I think is in our hands to help them ... More

  • Dear Susan: Thank you for the links in your response. After clicking on the link to the new DAP document, I would like to congratulate NAEYC for the revision of the DAP document. I just now read the part about DAP and agree entirely with it. The new ... More

  • There isnt a particular age - I knew a parent who still wanted their eight year old to believe in fairies and went to great lengths to convince her that they were real. I don't think teachers should bring this up at all unless the children do. If a child ... More


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