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  • Thanks everyone for showing so many sides of mathematics.  I would like to add another thought...There is mathematics, rhythms, and spaces in our own breath and heartbeat.  If this perspective interests you, take a look at a new online journal titled ... More

  • I would concur that anything by Deb Curtis and Margie Carter would be of great help to you. I read everything that they authored when I became the founding director of a hospital-based child care center years ago. It was of immense help. There is a lot ... More

  • Dear Valerie: You have a hard job ahead of you. The first thing I would do is meet with each staff member separately for coffee or a meal to discuss with them what the Center  was like before you were hired as Director. Talk to them about their wishes ... More

  • Hello Jessica, I am Jackie and I teach a class of pre-schoolers here in Upstate NY. In our center we have, also, a Universal Pre-K, currently it has 16 children enrolled but I have seen it with 21 children as well. In NY State the ratio is Infants 4-1 ... More

  • Hi Jessica, class size is generally determined by square footage of the classroom space.  So many children are permitted per square foot of the room. Group sizes and ratios of number of adults:children is determined by state regulation and licensure. ... More

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