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  • As others here have said, we have a job board that gives each child a helper job in the classroom. We rotate names on the board weekly. ------------------------------ Ashley Teacher and Curriculum Coordinator Brandon, FL ---------------------------- ... More

  • Hi I have used DailyConnect and loved it, the parents also loved it. But I needed software that streamlined everything for me so I just started with Procare. I like it but there are some features I miss with DailyConnect. ------------------------------ ... More

  • Hello I have a group home program and I have mostly 1 1/2 year-olds and 1 preschooler. I've rearranged the classroom to establish centers and I just started circle time without technology. This has been extremely difficult and I'm wondering if they're ... More

  • Hello, I'm currently job hunting in SoCal and I stumbled on a job that I qualify for at a local language immersion school. I'd like to be optimistic that since I meet every qualification (except being completely fluent in the language the program ... More

  • I have a list and rotate through that. They seem to really enjoy it. ------------------------------ Wendy King Teacher CCS Early Head Start Wasilla AK ------------------------------ More


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