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  • I would be interested in hearing from preschool teachers who have been teaching online during the pandemic.  I'm interested in your experiences.  How do you keep children engaged?  Do you feel your learning objectives were met?  What has been your experience ... More

  • Susan and others, You might check out Diane Levin's book on raising children in violent times, at . also has an abundance of other resources on ... More

  • Monica: Yes--everyone needs to learn about consent.  And as educators, and as parents, we teach consent throughout the day, every day, even when we don't label it as such.  We teach Sex Education 101 from infancy. We teach this when we change a baby's ... More

  • Here's a story from a classroom of 3 year olds many years ago.  We had a no-weapon policy at our center.  I had to take a medical leave of several weeks.  The teacher who subbed for me was my student intern.  The day I returned I saw several children ... More

  • We talk about this all of the time in play and actively use the word consent about our play and daily interactions.  We model and teach the phrase, "I don't like it when you...." and "Stop."  As a nature-based preschool we utilize opportunities around ... More


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