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  • Hello, I currently teach 2 children with some form of special need. One has speech development and motor skill challenges and the other is selective mute. At the start of this school year, it was a struggle to assess their progress using the assessment ... More

  • Excellent idea, ------------------------------ Nora Krieger Associate Professor Emerita/ Chair NJEEPRE Bloomfield College/ New Jersey Educators Exploring the Practices of Reggio Emilia Highland Park NJ ------------------------------ More

  • Tamara: Just as this child needs the opportunity to bond with you before they'll be able to feel secure and be independent the mother needs that too. Your ideas about talking with her directly might really help. I would invite her for a chat aspic up ... More

  • Hi everyone, Welcome to the final week of our book club! To get started think about what are your ideas  on inclusion and mainstreaming. Do your ideas change depending on a child's specific disability? Think about these ideas while you share your ... More

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    Head Start and Early Head Start decided not to allow expulsion of children from their programs for any reason about, as I remember, four years ago. I believe they arrived at that decision because of brain research. Neurobiology has made it clear that ... More


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