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  • Dear Encian, I am so grateful every time you share your perspective because it is a breath of fresh air! Thank you! I hope we get to collaborate some day! Alya she/her ------------------------------ Alya Stoffer-Koloszyc Director Farm Hands Preschool ... More

  • Hello, I am doing a study on this topic, preschool teacher retention.  I would like to invite any preschool teachers to participate by completing the survey below.  I will then email you some information about the study.  Preschool teachers matter. Sincerely, ... More

  • Hello, Preschool teachers matter to our communities.  Please consider taking this survey so you can tell us about your experiences teaching preschool. Thank you for your time and feedback. Sincerely, Melanie  To start being a participant, please ... More

  • Hi Stephanie, I recommend listening to the webinar  "Using Loose Parts to Create Culturally Sustainable Environments" with Miriam Beloglovsky and Lisa Daly: ... More

  • I literally take the time to introduce and discuss the items in the centers as that I learned many have no idea of the vocabulary associated with the tools and learning materials.  The new or enhanced vocabulary provides deeper play opportunities, also. ... More

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