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  • I echo what Gina and Paola offered! Using pictorial cues makes the process more concrete as well as provide props to manipulate. Pictorial cues are the most wonderful tool because they benefit everyone, especially children who are multi-language learners ... More

  • Hi! Just like Gina stated, having him initiate the activities can be helpful. Something I use with children like that is a picture schedule. All the activities are laid out for them on the wall with velcro and when it's time for an activity they get to ... More

  • Perhaps the child who is struggling with transitions can BE IN CHARGE of initiating the transitions- in other words, he can be the one to hold the timer, start the song, etc etc.  It sounds as if you are doing everything right so maybe this will help ... More

  • Your questions are so engaging! Even on a Friday night :) Thank you for asking. I agree with Jack that the best way to teach empathy to preschoolers is modeling. Children this age are developing cognitive complexity, so they are capable of understanding ... More

  • Hi Kate, One book I really like is A Ball For Daisy.  It's about a child, a dog, and a ball.  This might be something you could use to distract your child.  Since it is a topic about dog and child playing with a ball, it has a universal appeal.  I'm not ... More

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