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  • Accepting Award Nominations!

    Hello Play Policy, and Practice Interest Forum Members and Friends,


    Here is a wonderful opportunity to recognize three individuals in the early childhood field who are deeply engaged in and committed to research, policy and/or practice issues focused primarily on children’s play.


    We are seeking nominations for the Patricia Monighan Nourot Award, the Edgar Klugman Award, and the Emerging Scholar Award. These awards will be presented on November 16th at the Play Policy and Practice Interest Forum Business Meeting during the NAEYC Annual Conference in Washington DC.


    The Patricia Monighan Nourot Award

    In 1985 Patricia Monighan Nourot was one of the founding members of the Play Policy and Practice Caucus. She was one of a group of play scholars who conceived the idea and she invented the title for what would in time become the Play Policy and Practice Interest Forum. This is just one example of the kind of creative and innovative thinking she embodied. 


    In her honor The Patricia Monighan Nourot Award is bestowed upon a person who has made creative contributions in their area of expertise. These areas include: Theory and/or research, practice, and policy.

    Recent past honorees include:

        Lisa Murphy 

    Kelly Donnelly

    Michael Patte

    Marica Nell

    Olga Jarrett



    The Edgar Klugman Award

    Edgar “Ed” Klugman is a professor emeritus of Wheelock College in Early Childhood Education and Care. He was also one of the founding members of the Play Policy and Practice Interest Forums. At 92 years of age his bright spark of humor and quick wit is evident as he continues to be a mentor, a visionary, and an inspiration to the field.


    In his honor the Edgar Klugman Award is bestowed upon a person in recognition of their leadership and research in the field of early childhood and play and human development.

    Recent past honorees include:

     Bobby Brown

    Debra Lawrence

    Lynn Hartle

    Dorothy Sluss

    James Johnson



    The Emerging Scholar Award

    This award is given to an outstanding graduate student in recognition of their scholarship, professional service, and leadership who is dedicated to promoting play in the lives of children, teachers, and parents.

    Recent past honorees include:

       Tugce Burcu Arda Tuncdemir 

    Pool Ip Dong

    Lindsey Robey

    Mary Mahoney-Ferster


    Not sure who to nominate? Honorees are chosen based on the following criteria:

    • Creative contributions in their area of expertise theory, practice, policy.
    • Contributions in influencing how constructive play is perceived.
    • Uncovering new forms and ways that play reaches out and adapts to new contexts.
    • Building bridges to other disciplines and creating new insights.
    • Understanding new populations and reaching out to affect their growth and development.
    • Collaborative demonstrations that effect change.
    • Unique ways of influencing a sector in society.
    • Working closely with other organizations who focus on play and developing unique ways of influencing the contexts in which they provide service to communities.
    • Demonstrate policy influence to overcome barriers through the policy process.
    • Create legislation at the local, state, and or the national level that influenced the play environment.
    • Wrote a position paper that received wide recognition and dissemination
    • Searched out ways of translating research findings into lay language


    Got someone in mind? Send a letter of recommendation to Robin Ploof


    The deadline of October 31st is approaching fast!

  • Spring 2019 PPP Connections POSTED!!

    We want to invite you to our Spring  2019 Edition of PPP Connections
            Part two Theme:  Play Diplomacy.
    The Play, Policy, & Practice Connections is published twice a year - Fall and Spring
          NAEYC Play, Policy, and Practice Interest Forum

    Spring  2019 PPP Connections POSTED!
    (Click MENU read / download each issue.)
        Co-Managing Editors:
       Lynn-Hartle, Ph.D., The Pennsylvania State University at Brandywine
       Karen Lindeman, Ph.D., Edinboro University, PA

    Thank you to our guest editors for their fantastic work and expertise.
       Dr. Smita Mathur, President, The Association for the Study of Play ( & Associate Professor Elementary & Reading, College of Education  James Madison University
       With  Dr. Maryam Sharifian, Assistant Professor Early Elementary & Reading College of Education James Madison University

       [Guest Editors]  coined the word Play Diplomacy to label the process that entails offering playful responses to divisive rhetoric and violent interactions. We offered the following definition of Play Diplomacy:  Play Diplomacy is the process of harnessing the innate, joyful, player-driven, and character-building potential of play to build harmonious relationships between communities.


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