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  • 1.  Using movement purposefully during the school day

    Posted 07-19-2019 12:01 AM
    I am creating a planning resource for teachers to use movement purposefully during the school day.  The plan includes
    identifying routine times of the day when students need to energize, calm or focus, identifying the goals of movement and 
    matching specific movement activities to these routine times.
    Do you utilize movement activities in a purposeful way to manage students' behavior during transitions or other times?  If so, how?  Would a planning tool be helpful for you to create movement routines to improve students' ability to focus on a sustained task or transition easily from one task to another?
    Thanks for your input!

    Dr. Nicole Schiffmacher, PT, DPT, MS
    Board Certified Pediatric Clinical Specialist Physical Therapist
    Creator: -a site for information about the connections between movement and learning.
    Lecturer: Infant/Toddler Master's in Special Education Program
    St. Joseph's College, Long Island
    New York

  • 2.  RE: Using movement purposefully during the school day

    Posted 07-19-2019 08:35 AM
    As a retired early childhood teacher, I think your idea is an excellent one.  I ALWAYS used movement in my classroom, ranging from slow movement while getting focused for a lesson or to listen to a story to fast movement to music in order to get exercise in an indoor space.  We often marched, hopped, clapped, etc. our way to many things, such as the carpet, the line, and our seats.  It was quite effective.  I did not plan it ahead, as I think you are indicating.  It would probably be very useful to do so, especially for new teachers.

    Gina James
    Williston Pk NY

  • 3.  RE: Using movement purposefully during the school day

    Posted 07-20-2019 09:04 AM


    I think this would be a really useful tool.  I often suggest that teachers incorporate more movement into the day and many don't know how to do so, afraid that they wouldn't be able to calm the children down afterwards.  I would advocate for a tool such as you're developing and also that teachers incorporate movement throughout the day by having activities such as large block building, easel painting on large paper, children pushing in chairs, etc. that incorporates movement and 'heavy work' at all times, as well as transition times.  A purposeful movement tool could help children and teachers a lot. Keep us posted!

    Aren Stone
    Child Development Specialist
    The Early Years Project
    Cambridge, MA

  • 4.  RE: Using movement purposefully during the school day

    Posted 07-20-2019 12:23 PM
    I recently posted this to my Business FaceBook account Please read to the end to see Just how this game can change the life a a child in this day and age.

    Do You want to Fight or be Friends?

    This question is a total flashback to my childhood days when my dad would ask us that question right before some time of roughhousing.
    Fast forward 50 years and it became a game that I would play with the children when I ventured into the older preschool rooms.
    So how do you play?
    You gather the children around and you put up your firsts, you sway your bottom back and forth, shake your knees, pump your elbows in and out, and you all laugh. You can not do all that without laughing. It is a great way to start a game.
    Then you ask the all-important question, "Do You Want to Fight or Be Friends?"
    Now, of course, we are always friends first. So everyone comes in for a group hug, you kiss the top of as many heads as you can reach, then move back out for our silly little stats, and you ask the question again.
    This time everyone screams, "Fight!"
    Then the craziness begins. The leader, that's you, starts to chase all the little ones around for a soft touch to the body or to the fastest and hardest to catch a big hug and a laugh.
    Then the leader calls everyone back and it starts all over again.
    Why am I tell you about this silly game and what does it have to do with being a parent? Good question, let's break down what is happening here.
    First, it is a group game. Something that we don't see played in our schools or family times often. A benefit of a group game is that it builds community and teamwork.
    Second, the group hug at the beginning of each game is a calm down moment. It forces the players to regroup and bring their bodies back under control. It is a perfect way for these little ones to learn how to turn their movements off quickly. This is an important skill for children to learn.
    Third, this is a time for the little ones to get some appropriate physical touch (APT). I can not begin to explain the benefits of physical touch to a human. This is a need of every person. It reduces stress and calms the mind. This APT greatly benefits a child who is rascally, for they often don't get the APT they need, but here they can feel a sense of success and acceptance.
    Forth, and one of the most fun, is watching the children dive, weave, roll, zig-zag, and sprint during the chase. These children are practicing their maneuverability skills which will aid them in sports. They are also using up their excess energy in a productive way.
    There is one more thing about this game. It is a sad state of affairs that we have active shooters in so many places. God forbid that our children would face such a terror, but this silly little game that makes them laugh, holler, use up energy, builds friendships, gain self-control, and maneuverability could someday save their lives.
    If this post was thought-provoking or made you a smile, please share it on your timeline.

    Christine Luna
    Newborn Specialist
    Parenting Coach
    Only Happy
    Painesville. OH

  • 5.  RE: Using movement purposefully during the school day

    Posted 07-22-2019 06:49 AM
    Hi NIcole! Love this topic! You may find this post I contributed to the Association for Library Services to Children blog helpful. It's called "Three Principles for Intentional Movement in Storytime." Take care!

    Katie Scherrer
    Owner Connected Communities Consulting
    Founder, Stories, Songs, and Stretches!
    Lexington KY

  • 6.  RE: Using movement purposefully during the school day

    Posted 07-22-2019 01:38 PM
    Hi Dr. Schiffmacher!  I think this is a great idea.  It'd be wonderful to have a planning resource for movement.  If you create this, would you be willing to share it with the group?

    Sara McDowell
    Child Care Resources of King & Pierce Counties
    Tacoma WA

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