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  • 1.  Onboarding Checklist

    Posted 11-24-2021 09:19 AM
    Happy Thanksgiving Eve.
    I am seeking support as I begin to strategically plan an onboarding process that includes timelines, checklists, and whatever YOU can offer for consideration!
    with staffing in so many early care and education conversations I need to know I'm supporting staff, families, and community!
    Please share resources or experiences that you have found efficient and easy-to-implement.
    Thank you for your response.
    I'm so grateful I know where to find help, encouragement, inspiration and fun. Right here in OUR forum.

    Teresa Franz
    Director, Early Success Center
    South Central Ohio Educational Service Center
    New Boston, Ohio

  • 2.  RE: Onboarding Checklist

    Posted 11-25-2021 08:22 AM
    Hi Teresa,

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Thanks so much for asking this question about onboarding.  Effective onboarding can make a huge difference for both parents and staff.

    At Bertelsen Education, we have self paced online course created by field practitioners tailored for childcare providers. 

    We have various courses on administrative tools and will be adding an onboarding series  in the next few months.

    Also, Crib Coaching, (launching December 10) is an innovative parenting education app like Noom or Duolingo. Our courses for parents include: managing tantrums, potty training, recognizing signs of developmental delays & autism, sleep coaching, and many others.

    Our goal is to create consistency of care for families. 

    Justin Bertelsen
    Bertelsen Education
    Kansas City, MO

  • 3.  RE: Onboarding Checklist

    Posted 11-26-2021 12:07 AM
    I am interested in learning how to create an onboarding program for my program.  What are the components, what insensitive are you offering parents/Caregivers, and will this include a follow up?

    Terri M. Robinson
    Team Leader Prekindergarten 
    Head Start and VPK

    Terri Robinson
    Department Lead Teacher
    Palm Beach School District
    Delray Beach FL

  • 4.  RE: Onboarding Checklist

    Posted 11-26-2021 09:49 AM
    Hi Terri,

    We offer both self paced continuing education and innovative parental education that I think could be an asset to your center.

    Are you planning on attending the NHSA conference in Orlando next month? My company is attending and I'd love to catch up with you and chat about your needs more in depth!

    All my best,


    Justin Bertelsen
    Bertelsen Education
    Riverside MO

  • 5.  RE: Onboarding Checklist

    Posted 11-27-2021 08:37 AM
    Hello Terri,

    As I stated in email to Teresa, my company has a 5 step onboarding process that will meet all of your needs.  I love to connect with you and see what I can do for you.  

    Pearl Loftlin
    Moving Forward Training Solutions, LLC

    Pearl Loftlin
    Owner and Trainer
    Moving Forward Training Solutions
    Virginia Bch VA