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  • 1.  Child Care Administrative Pay Scale

    Posted 10-28-2021 10:22 AM

    Our church's child care program has a well established pay scale for educators and other classroom support personnel. It has become very clear though, that administrative wages are arbitrary and subjective because there isn't a pay scale that addresses these employees. We are a smaller program with seven classrooms and just under 100 children enrolled. We currently have a director, assistant director and have just brought on an education program admin. The committee providing oversight to the child care program (which I chair) has been tasked with creating an admin pay scale based on education, experience and other skills beneficial to the specific positions. 

    I need guidance and am reaching out to the community here. Are you able to share your salary ranges and/or the breakdown of education and experience that went into formation of the pay scale for admin staff? Can you point me in a direction toward resources that will aid in the effort? Thanks!

    One last question regarding pay scales as it pertains to teaching staff. Do you have a cap on wages? If so, how do you continue to compensate those with 20+ years of experience without continually raising their hourly rate beyond what the program can support? More PTO, vacation pay, etc?

    I appreciate your guidance!

    Cheryl Dillingham
    Office Administrator
    Nashville, TN

  • 2.  RE: Child Care Administrative Pay Scale

    Posted 10-29-2021 01:16 PM is an excellent resource for churches. It does have child care pay as well.

    Alise Baldwin
    Business Administrator
    City Life Kidlife Club
    Newport News VA