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  • 1.  Spirituality & Peace Education meetings at the Conference

    Posted 11-10-2022 09:08 AM
    You're invited to attend two Interest Forum meetings next week in DC, if you're at the Conference.  
    • Thursday evening at 6:30 the Young Children's Spirituality Interest Forum will meet in the Marriott Marquis Hotel's Salon 7, on Level M2.  We'll be looking into how we can sustain children's spiritual development during COVID and other community challenges.
    • Friday evening at 6, the Peace Educators Interest Forum will meet at the same Hotel, in the Chinatown Room on Level M3.  We'll be considering how to talk with children about war, and what to do when someone is being bullied.  
    We'd really enjoy hearing about your fresh perspectives on these questions of children's spirituality and how we can help them grow in peace.

    John Surr
    Peace Educators & Young Children's Spirituality Interest Forums
    Charlottesvle VA

  • 2.  RE: Spirituality & Peace Education meetings at the Conference

    Posted 11-11-2022 03:08 PM
    Hello John - I'm in. Still reviewing my schedule. -Richard Idaho AEYC

    Richard Mussler-Wright
    Idaho Association for the Education of Young Children Membership
    Boise ID

  • 3.  RE: Spirituality & Peace Education meetings at the Conference

    Posted 11-12-2022 05:25 PM
    I hope to join in for one of the forums. This area interests me and would like to learn more about it.

    Anu Sachdev
    Bethlehem PA

  • 4.  RE: Spirituality & Peace Education meetings at the Conference

    Posted 11-14-2022 08:06 AM
    Hi John,
    This sounds amazing! I'm the founder and director of the Yoga Peace School in Austin TX, where we teach peace education through yoga and mindfulness to 12 months-5 year olds since 2012. I would love to come to your forum on Thursday evening! I head back to Austin on Friday unfortunately :(
    Thanks for putting this together!!
    An Dang

    An Dang
    Yoga Peace School
    Austin TX

  • 5.  RE: Spirituality & Peace Education meetings at the Conference

    Posted 11-15-2022 09:41 AM
    Hello all, and thank you John for this information and for organizing this gathering!  We are also very interested.  I'm the ED of Peace of Mind Inc.  We develop and share full-year, extensively classroom-tested curriculum that integrate mindfulness, social emotional learning, and peaceful conflict resolution to help kids in PreK-8 notice and mange big emotions, build healthy relationships and solve conflicts peacefully.  Our vision is that all children have the skills to face challenges in their own lives and in the world with kindness, courage and compassion.

    I would love to connect with other educators interested in similar things!  I'll be about our booth - number 2707 - please come say hi! - til late on Friday, but will do my best to come over to join in after we wrap up.

    With good wishes to all,
    Cheryl ​​

    Cheryl Dodwell
    Executive Director
    Peace of Mind Inc.
    Washington DC