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Exploring Early Childhood Education, Equity and Mindfulness

  • 1.  Exploring Early Childhood Education, Equity and Mindfulness

    Posted 11-14-2022 04:17 PM

    I am working with a team of educators to explore early childhood education, equity, and mindfulness. We are seeking examples that show how antiracism has been successfully addressed as well as examples of inequity and discrimination in early childhood settings. This qualitative research will help us understand what early childhood educators in education centers, preschools, and K-3 private and public schools are doing and could do to address equity, discrimination, and instances of bias. The research will be used in making recommendations regarding how conscious awareness of racism and discrimination can help prepare and guide educators to proactively address bias. We are interested in learning about incidents involving young children, bias in staffing, and communications with families. We plan to advance concrete examples of actions that can be taken through our networks as we work towards expanding opportunities to help educators promote antiracist practices, with plans to share through my network and related work with Yale University on addressing children's mental health, and in a book we are publishing with Solution Tree press, "Young Children, Antiracism, and Mindful School Communities."

    If you would like to be interviewed or have questions about participation, please contact Dr. Christine Mason, Executive Director of the Center for Educational Improvement, at

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