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  • NAEYC Seeking Vignette Submissions for DAP book & Resources from DEEA Members

    Hello everyone, DEEA interest forum members were specifically invited by Susan Friedman to contribute vignettes and self-reflection statements for use in the new DAP book and associated resources. Turn around is tight for getting into the book, but there will be blog posts etc following it.

    Submissions can be emailed directly to SFriedman@naeyc.org.

    Here's the info from Susan:

    We would like to include DAP Educator Vignettes and Self reflections from a range of diverse educators and settings in upcoming NAEYC DAP Books and resources. See below for what we are looking for. I was wondering if you might be interested in contributing and also if you could share with the Diversity and Equity Interest Forum?
    To be considered to be included in the book we would need a draft by early April. DAP educator vignettes and self reflections submitted after that might be considered for the book but would be considered for the blog and periodicals.
    Deadline 1: April 1
    Deadline 2: April 15-30th
    The  Developmentally Appropriate Practice position statement emphasizes the importance of engaged joyful learning. What engaged joyful learning looks like will differ depending on the age of the children, the setting, the specific teachers and children involved and the learning activity the children are engaged in. NAEYC content often features stories of joyful engaged learning.

    Share your own stories.

    Here's the format we are looking for:

    DAP Educator Vignette and Self Reflection Template


    Create a Descriptive title such as:

    Why are We Doing This? Preschoolers Ask Why They Are Talking about Skin Color?

    Joyful Learning at Centers in a Kindergarten Classroom


    Overview of the DAP vignette

    Make sure to include:

    Age of the children

    Information about the setting


    The vignette:

    Introduce the situation

    Include dialogue

    For periodicals and blog: include images if available. (Likely can’t be accommodated in the book.)

    The self-reflection:

    Describe your thoughts. What did you notice? What did you learn? What did the children learn? What questions arose? 

    Connections to DAP

    Look at the DAP Position statement. Discuss how the learning scenario reflects the DAP Position Statement. Which parts of the position statement come to mind? Why?

    Additional Insights

    Resources (not all vignettes will include)


    Word count: Generally speaking 600 -1000 words


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