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  • Shonna, I used the clear masks for a while. I think it helped the children. However, moisture and breath don't go through the plastic, so the humidity fogged it up, and I had to put a piece of tissue in the bottom to catch the dripping water. Also, since ... More

  • HI all, We have received notification that a registered sex offender has moved into the neighborhood. I have verified this notification with our local Police Department but I am wondering if anyone has a protocol for handling this information. Should ... More

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    RE: Universal Pre-k

    Depends on your state's implementation but I urge you look into this now because, in the case of CA, we are advocating for change to a mixed delivery system rather than funding going only to public school districts - which was legislated swiftly and without ... More

  • I agree. I used singing songs daily. More

  • Transitions can be difficult for many young children, especially if they've experienced any adverse childhood experiences or have unpredictable routines outside of your classroom.  Providing as much warning as possible, before transitioning will help. ... More

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