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  • Monica          This comes from  a Blog by Mike Huber.  He wrote  "Embracing Rough And  Tumble  Play. " .  a simple easy read. ------------------------------ Curt Kiwak Early Childhood ... More

  • I have not used it in a group setting but I have given The Grand Mosque of Paris as a gift to friends and family and it was well received- might be too old but since it was well liked I thought i would share. ------------------------------ Beth Menninga ... More

  • I have a book called  Terrible Things, by Eve Bunting . It is about a terrible thing that comes for different animals.  I have read this book in kindergarten and first grades. It  delivers the message that we all need to help each other and should ... More

  • Good Morning, Sue. I always sang in the classroom first thing so it was a no brainer on Zoom. I tried with some "Good Morning' videos and they were unengaged. All I do is use the "Happy Birthday" tune, because everyone knows it, and sing " Good morning ... More

  • I am willing to participate if you still need people.  I'm in Nevada so anytime after 3:30 pm pacific time will work. thanks- Laura Lee Christensen ------------------------------ Laura Christensen Student UNR Fallon NV ------------------------------ More


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