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    RE: Advancing Equity

    Thank you Sally for sharing NAEYC's new position statement, Advancing Equity in Early Childhood Education.  I wanted to share the text of the position statement and I also wanted to share the link where you can access the position statement in English ... More

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  • I am not calling anti-vax people nuts, etc. but they are putting other children's health at risk, including any parent who is pregnant if that unvaccinated child comes down with some of the childhood diseases that are now totally preventable. I am not ... More

  • I'm with you Joanie. Many of the families who object to vaccination are doing so out of the belief that the pharmaceutical industry is not to be trusted. They have reasons to believe that. (Along with your list, remember when baby aspirin was the drug ... More

  • Hahaha you can find fufu and peanut butter soup at my house in Elko Nevada 😀😀 you're always welcome! You know,over the years while going through school especially taking ECE classes  I couldn't help but to always think about those kiddos at home and ... More

  • Hi Millie, I'm so excited to meet you. I owe so much to people in Cape Coast. I had a really amazing teacher there- the more I learn about teaching the more I respect what she did. I have two questions for you- if you have time to answer. ... More


  • Advancing Equity in Early Childhood Education Position Statement

    Advancing Equity in Early Childhood Education
  • Leading with Equity:  Early Childhood Educators Make it Personal

    Leading with Equity: 
    Early Childhood Educators Make it Personal

    The Summary of the June 2018 Leading and Working toward Equity Leadership Summit is out.

    Read the report HERE.

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