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  • I run a secular program. A pledge that was created to exclude non-Christians and includes a pledge under a god doesn't fit into my program.  Again, I think it is important to look at the actual skill you are trying to teach and work backward from that. ... More

  • Melinda,  I appreciate your perspective.  I agree with you, that reciting the Pledge is not the answer...but it is a beginning . And that itself is important.  Those of us working in the early childhood field know the importance of developing social/emotional ... More

  • I have a perspective to share from my own experiences as a 4-5 year old reciting the pledge at preschool. It is one of my few strong early memories. I did not feel comfortable saying it. I did not understand it, but I heard the word "god" and I perceived ... More

  • In talking about this issue, members have talked about what the pledge means to us and what we think it means to children. I do remember reacting to the pledge as an elementary school child, and for that reason I would not choose to take time for it. ... More

  • A number of years ago I conducted interviews with teacher-mommies, early childhood educators who had their own child in their classroom. I was also one of those educators. ☺️   Here are some key findings. 1. Mom needs support from other teachers/supervisor ... More

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