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    RE: Advancing Equity

    Thank you Sally for sharing NAEYC's new position statement, Advancing Equity in Early Childhood Education.  I wanted to share the text of the position statement and I also wanted to share the link where you can access the position statement in English ... More

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  • This is what happens here in Michigan: Our health departments are required to offer hearing and vision screening once between age 3-5, in Kindergarten, hearing in 2nd and 4th, and vision in 1st, 3rd, 5th 7th 9th. In most schools, the health department ... More

  • We do vision/hearing screening on all of our children with signed permission from parents.  We are a preschool. All takes place in a room with glass walls (i.e. it's fully visible). Children go in groups of 3-4. ------------------------------ Sheri Brown ... More

  • Hi Lourdes, Sounds a bit odd, though whenever I took my class for eye exams I did not go in with them either; however, there were quite a few "examiners" so children were not alone with one adult.   Also, my school did not inform parents unless there ... More

  • Hi Kimberly, There are a lot of good suggestions here but I haven't heard anyone mention an intentional exploration about what's going on for the individual child. Last year, one of my classrooms had a few kids with behaviors similar to what you describe. ... More


  • Advancing Equity in Early Childhood Education Position Statement

    Advancing Equity in Early Childhood Education
  • Leading with Equity:  Early Childhood Educators Make it Personal

    Leading with Equity: 
    Early Childhood Educators Make it Personal

    The Summary of the June 2018 Leading and Working toward Equity Leadership Summit is out.

    Read the report HERE.

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