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  • I'm on the West Coast, so I am just waking up to the position statement. In the statement this recommendation very much resonated with me: "View your commitment to cultural responsiveness as an ongoing process. It is not a one-time matter of mastering ... More

  • The center I taught at for 21 years always had a workbench and activities available.  Hammering a slice of a large tree trunk was a favorite and we used the same slice of wood the whole time I was there!  Helping children develop tool usage skills is ... More

  • We have some students who bring a lunch each day. We do tell the students that they need to start with their healthy options first and save treats for dessert. It is pretty clear to see what is the "main" dish and what's the "treat". After some time, ... More

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    RE: Advancing Equity

    Thank you Sally for sharing NAEYC's new position statement, Advancing Equity in Early Childhood Education.  I wanted to share the text of the position statement and I also wanted to share the link where you can access the position statement in English ... More

  • We use the following rate (for a 40 hour/week employee): Years Employed Hours/Year Hours/Pay Period(earned) 1 st day of employment to 2 nd anniversary 80 3.08 After 2 nd anniversary ... More


  • Advancing Equity in Early Childhood Education Position Statement

    Advancing Equity in Early Childhood Education
  • Leading with Equity:  Early Childhood Educators Make it Personal

    Leading with Equity: 
    Early Childhood Educators Make it Personal

    The Summary of the June 2018 Leading and Working toward Equity Leadership Summit is out.

    Read the report HERE.

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