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  • I use Brightwheel and some functions I love and some areas are lacking! The parent/teacher communication is great. Teachers are able to use the DRDP Assessment tool and post pictures and videos for families. The billing is good, the reporting is not as ... More

  • I LOVE the Green Toys brand tea set. It holds up to water, sand, paint, etc., and is easy to clean. It's a different type of plastic than many of the others I've used and is really sturdy and feels nice. As far as a doctor kit, I haven't found ... More

  • Hi, Is anyone working in the learning experience (TLE) preschool here? I need help with classroom schedules. Thanks Nazia ------------------------------ [Nazia] [Abith] [Teacher] [The Learning Experience] [Glen Allen] [Virginia] ------------------ ... More

  • Hello all! My center is currently in the market for a new cleaner/disinfectant. Ideally we would like to have a one-step cleaner that we do not have to rinse from food-contact surfaces, but I understand that can be challenging. What products do you use ... More

  • This is such a rich discussion. I too am a member of the ECSIF, but I haven't been able to attend for a few months. It seems I always have a conflict with the meeting times. Rotten luck! But I'm a huge fan of Cambourne's work and have seen it applied ... More

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