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  • Anyone have a set of great interview questions for hiring a new child care directors? ------------------------------ Marilyn Chu western washington university Bellingham WA ------------------------------ More

  • Hi there, I worked in a day care with 1 to 2 years old. We got Covid-19's case in our class and I worked with another teacher. The other teacher's daughter is in pre school class.When the director came to know about Covid case she sent all the class children ... More

  • Hi all, and Nora, thanks for stepping in and flagging the tone of this thread; it is unusual for this forum. I think it reflects a level of frustration as well as different cultural assumptions and expectations about child rearing. I can sympathize with ... More

  • Hello, There are a number of factors that could be leading to a child's behavior, both positive and challenging at times. It's important to communicate with families, the observations being made and to collaborate in strategies that work for that specific ... More

  • I have even more concerns here than Nora's. Has this center had much recent training? We don't discipline children any more, not any form of punishment including any form of "time out" spaces. What age are these children? Even if they are all five, teaching ... More

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