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  • How exciting it is to be preparing a center in Southern Ohio! The center will be licensed by DOE. All construction and renovation has been approved by local codes. However, there will be very little natural light in our toddler space. With some experience ... More

  • Dear Mary: My research dissertation completed for my doctorate in Educational Leadership and Supervision at NYU was entitled The Experience of Being A Director in An Early Care and Education Center . It was published in 2000. I interviewed 8 directors ... More

  • Hi Jennifer, In many states the CDA does meet the requirements for lead teacher certification but each state has their own regulations. I am not familiar with Colorado's regulations but by googling determined that the Colorado Office of Early Childhood ... More

  • Something to read about the profession: ------------------------------ Nora Krieger, PhD Associate Professor Emerita/Past Chair NJEEPRE Bloomfield College/NJ Educators ... More

  • I've been thinking about Reggio Emilia and how this small town in Italy started their preschool, which eventually became funded by their government. They had a vision as to what they wanted the children in their community to experience.  The community ... More

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