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  • I appreciate your freedom to not use "[a] pledge that was created to exclude non-Christians and includes a pledge under a god" in your program, but are you saying that the Pledge of Allegiance is this pledge you refer to?  If so, where can I find the ... More

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    RE: Staff Appreciation

    Yes, I have seen a lot on Pinterest and done a lot, I feel like we need to be focusing on the children and staff, instead of this becoming a debate site. Each facility has their own right to do what's in the best interest of the community they serve. ... More

  • I believe the lack of outrage comes from not hearing/seeing the stories behind the migrants and refugees, not understanding what would bring all these children with or without their parents to our border. I am sorry if you think I am writing something ... More

  • Hi Allyson, There are so many wonderful ideas out there in regards to staff appreciation.  This one is super simple and I find has a huge impact on your schools overall culture.  Our teachers and staff want to be seen and valued for what they bring to ... More

  • I look forward to reading what the UN website shares. Thank you. ------------------------------ Lindsay Billings, MT ------------------------------ More

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