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  • Due to the impact of COVID-19, NAEYC staff will work remotely from Monday, March 16th  through Friday, April 24th.  During this time, we will not have access to live telephone calling.  Therefore, we ask that you email us at: .  Your ... More

  • Can you tell me if NAEYC has an infectious disease policy? Thank you, Yvette -- Yvette Asenap Director Albuquerque Preschool Cooperative 606 Candeleria N.W. Albuquerque, NM 87107 (505) 344-0389 Fax (505) 345-9443 More

  • I would like to ask the Hello community about best practice around use of mask in centers. Do we use them in our classrooms? How do we introduce them? I have teachers I support asking me and I would like thoughts on DAP from NAEYC on this if possible. ... More

  • Hi Bernadette,  Thank you so much for your beautiful message. I will try out your suggestions. I'm just trying to be as helpful as I can, but it hurts when no feedback is given. I want to make this time easier for the families, but you are right. I need ... More

  • Hi Jennifer, It sounds like this situation has brought up concerns you have about your standing as a teacher. Teaching is certainly an exercise of the heart and not feeling appreciated can be especially painful when we are pouring ourselves into what ... More


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