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  • Hi there, I am in the Bay Area in California, and we use PreK GLAD for our preschools and there is also GLAD for elementary age.  Go to Orange County Dept. of Education website to learn more about GLAD. With the GLAD instructional model and strategies, ... More

  • My thought is that a preschool  teacher we should be address by our last name. Ex. Mrs. Ingram   It will prepare the students for the next grade level. In our school district the student still address the teachers by their last name. ------------------------------ ... More

  • I've heard a few arguments from either "side" of this topic but am curious to hear updated discussions... Here is the topic for conversation: Should preschool teachers be addressed by their First names or their Last names? Specifically, should teachers ... More

  • It is possible, indeed appropriate, to discuss the appropriateness of the Pledge of Allegiance without referencing Pride. If Pride were an example being used to clarify our understanding of the Pledge,  it might be appropriate. It has been used in this ... More

  • Thank you Mary - that's super helpful! ------------------------------ Rachel Rettberg Education Coordinator Oak Leaf Academy Oak Park IL ------------------------------ More

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