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  • While I have no doubt that the history of the pledge is factual, it is the history one would give as a supporter. For those who are interested in a history that talks about the intentions and controversies involving the pledge: ... More

  • However Joanie, what Sue wrote was not the actual history of the pledge, which is why I added the citation.  Here it is once more: ------------------------------ Laila Taslimi founder Untitled No. 1 Santa ... More

  • Sue I really appreciate your perspective, and if that were the background given when the pledge is introduced to children it would go a long way to providing the children with a more genuine view of this country and its traditions - that the USA is far ... More

  • Thank you for carefully crafting your response as kind and certainly thoughtful.  You are right in stating that caring for our children - all of our children - should never be a political statement.  At every turn we should call out Media and elitism ... More

  • Hello Deborah,  That's a great question. We do explain the toys should not be some kind of big expensive toys  things that work are like favorite toy, for example a doll, car, book, stuffed animals.  Children should be able to play with toys.  Going ... More

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