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  • I'm on the West Coast, so I am just waking up to the position statement. In the statement this recommendation very much resonated with me: "View your commitment to cultural responsiveness as an ongoing process. It is not a one-time matter of mastering ... More

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  • We have used environment design. They have built all natural (wood) pieces for our playground. The have done a lot of play spaces in my area. They are familiar with all the safety regulations and guidelines.  If you google the company, the website will ... More

  • Hi Carol, Good for you in looking for "good" playground equipment for the safety of young children. Although I don't have "recommendations of good playground companies," I have a recommendation of reference for you and all educators/families should look: ... More

  • For five years I was in a classroom where the children brought lunch from home.  Instead of food choices, we focused more on speaking with the children to really develop those relationships.  Lunch was a time of day we all looked forward to.  We thought ... More

  • Hi Carol, We have worked with Kompan in the past at our site. They have some really nice looking natural products as part of their Robinia line.  Different idea, may not work with your site, but there is a newish play system called snug play- ... More


  • Advancing Equity in Early Childhood Education Position Statement

    Advancing Equity in Early Childhood Education
  • Leading with Equity:  Early Childhood Educators Make it Personal

    Leading with Equity: 
    Early Childhood Educators Make it Personal

    The Summary of the June 2018 Leading and Working toward Equity Leadership Summit is out.

    Read the report HERE.

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