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  • Due to the impact of COVID-19, NAEYC staff will work remotely from Monday, March 16th  through Friday, August 28th.  During this time, we will not have access to live telephone calling.  Therefore, we ask that you email us at: .  Your ... More

  • I teach preschool in Oregon. Current state Early Learning Division and Health Dept regulations require each child to have their own batch of playdough. No sensory items can be shared. Even if the playdough is their own, it can still harbor germs. I have ... More

  • I am curious where you learned the virus doesn't live past 6 hours in the fridge- what was your source? ------------------------------ Debbie Markland Early Childhood Educator Learn As You Play Roswell GA ------------------------------ More

  • Hi Sarah, HubbardsCupboard is a free sight that has lots of resources for early readers. They have already made sight word books, phonics books, and early readers. I use them with my kindergarten class. I will include the link below, if you want to check ... More

  • We've been open since early July and made each child an Activity Bag that included their own writing, drawing and coloring utensils, glue sticks and scissors and whenever we make play-do or gooey gunk and such, we include it in their bag in a separate ... More


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