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  • Hello I was wondering if anyone can direct me to great curriculums in all areas to use with 4-8 year olds? (ELA, bilingual, math, social skills, etc) Also does anyone know of any good teaching/coaching models to use? Monica Glenn More

  • Thank you so much for all ideas on staff appreciation ideas! ------------------------------ Allyson Ball Director Imagination Station Indianapolis IN ------------------------------ More

  • I have been the recipient of many staff appreciation gifts, luncheons, etc.   I will say those that I enjoyed the most were those that included a nice buffet luncheon that was not during a short and rushed lunch period, rather one in which we had a good ... More

  • Hi, 1. What is your facililty policy pertaining to a teacher having a related child in their classroom? Does age of the child matter? Do parent opinions matter? Pros and cons? In a nutshell, we have a wonderful infant teacher (highly regarded by parents) ... More

  • I agree one hundred percent. We have to be paid our worth to maintain quality help to. Online to operate.  Someone have to pay the cost. We can not continue operating with a tight  budget hoping our income will increase from year to year. We need to be ... More

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