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    Clear Masks

    Is anyone here using clear masks or masks with clear mouth windows?  I'm feeling very concerned about the children's language development, we could be wearing masks for a long time and I would like to switch over to them, just wondering if anyone else ... More

  • I agree let the child be in charge More

  • Thank you Margo for your suggestion and explanation of the parallel process of supporting children and supporting educators from a "strengths-based" perspective. Leadership begins with acknowledging one's own strengths and then using those strengths to ... More

  • I'm so glad it was helpful! I have a recording of CEP for ECE Students that I need to update and I would be happy to share with you as soon as I do. In the meantime I'm sharing the CEP handout I share when I provide PD. Hoping the book gets published ... More

  • Hi Lauren, This is a beautiful and informed response! I would love to learn more about Collaborative Emotion Processing. Are there any resources you can point me towards? Thank you! Beth Huber ------------------------------ Elizabeth Huber Director ... More

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