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  • Thank you. I’ll forward this my two teachers looking at this question! Alison More

  • Thank you!  Your comments are helpful! ------------------------------ Alison Rutter Associate Professor East Stroudsburg University [East Stroudsburg] [PA] ------------------------------ More

  • As an Classroom Preschool Teacher I have used both. I find ProCare to be a much better app. I like the edit features, delete features and variety of templates for things like activities, meals, naps, learning, notes etc. Brightwheel was very limited in ... More

  • Hi Alison, We have lots of outdoor play equipment options for toddlers. Musical instruments, dramatic play products, gross motor products, art easels, STEAM, nature, water and sand play items and lots more. My company specializes in creating and designing ... More

  • Dear Allison, I noticed that there were no response on your request. This does not surprise me as the general opinion is that toddlers do not need outside play equipment  as they are "too small" for playing with equipment outside. As a trainer for ECD/E ... More

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