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  • Hi Kayla, How terribly frustrating for both of you! I agree with the previous comments and will add to them. Have you tried having mom or dad bring in an unwashed shirt? This will have their scent on it and could bring comfort to the child. Is there ... More

  • I can hear the concern in your writing about this child's well-being. I'm not sure what type of flexibility the parents have in their schedule, but is it possible to have a few shorter days during the week to support her in adjusting. Also, talk to mom ... More

  • Jonathan, Personally, as a PD Specialist, I believe the only requirement is that the training be received within the period between CDA issue date and expiration date, and yes, from a training organization.  ------------------------------ Gloria Gonzales ... More

  • Hello Kayla,  I have had a child around that age that came to us from China. There were a lot of variables at play. He was home with grandma all day until he started school, the only language spoken at home was Chinese, he sat in a carseat most of the ... More

  • Hello Kayla,  It is a very emotionally tiring situation for both of you, the educator but mainly for the child. I had a very similar situation a few years back at our nursery and there were few steps we have done. With the knowledge, that some children ... More

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