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  • Hi Monica. Congratulations!!  So excited for you.  I own my own preschool for children 2 and a half to 5 years of age in PA.   It was a lifelong dream I had and I am in the middle of my 16th year of owning the preschool.  It has been such a rewarding ... More

  • Hi Kate! Thank you so much for your detailed message! I would really love to talk more with you and ask you some more questions.  This is all so overwhelming. Starting up a school in only 9 months is absolutely remarkable and I'd love to hear how you ... More

  • Hi Monica! Congratuations on starting your own preschool!  It sounds like you have a clear vision of the school's philosophy and curriculum which is fantastic.  Having a partner is also key- this is great news!   From idea conception to the first day ... More

  • Every child has a daily job, which is posted on our job chart. One of the jobs is line leader, and we rotate jobs every day, so every child gets a chance to be line leader over the course of a couple of weeks. ------------------------------ Hilary Laing ... More

  • My classroom has it as a job chart. The jobs change in a cycle. Child A- line leader. Child B- Caboose. Child C- bell ringer. Child D- plant water person. The next day is as follows Child E- line leader. Child A- Caboose. Child B- bell ringer. Child C- ... More


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