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  • Hi Everyone. There is so much that does influence children's behaviors - families under stress, uncertainty over "the big germ" (what many children call COVID), and greater reliance on television and media for entertainment at home, rather than opportunities ... More

  • I saw aggressive behavior and lots of scream in the crying mainly in my 1 and 2 year old's. Those children did not socialize or go on errands with the parents. They are afraid. We gave those children extra attention and love until they felt safe and loved. ... More

  • Actually everyone who responded supplied great information!!! The information proves to be very helpful to children whether in the classroom or not. And yes the 19 months of COVID lock down have taken the world to a new normal. We all have to have a new ... More

  • Thank you Mary!!! ------------------------------ Cynthia Johnson-Reed Glenside PA ------------------------------ More

  • Diane!, thank you for your informative response!! ------------------------------ Cynthia Johnson-Reed Glenside PA ------------------------------ More

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