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  • Thanks, Julie!  This is SO the point!  Thanks for the reminder.  I love the website you posted!  This adds to what Joanie added.  Also I love that Temesha started this discussion.  I've learned so much from everyone.  Everyone made good points.  This ... More

  • So my comment about not having diverse group is that while we do naturally reference that children have different likes and dislikes it doesn't always address things like we are born in different places, have different hair, skin religion and such. ... More

  • This is a wonderful conversation. I would like to add that you always have diversity in any group of children you work with. It's important to have an ongoing, everyday, conversation with children about the ways in which they are alike (e.g. We all eat ... More

  • Thanks for starting this thread, Yolanda! I second others' advice to start with Anti-bias education book. Note that a new revised version is coming out in February! One major change will be the way they talk about gender, but the entire book is getting ... More

  • I'm on the West Coast, so I am just waking up to the position statement. In the statement this recommendation very much resonated with me: "View your commitment to cultural responsiveness as an ongoing process. It is not a one-time matter of mastering ... More


  • Early Bird Registration is Open for the 2019 Annual Conference in Nashville, TN

    Join us November 20-23 in Nashville, TN at the Music City Center to network and explore the latest trends, solutions, and research in early learning. 

    Early Bird registration is open for the early childhood education event of the year! We can't wait to see you at #naeycAC!

  • Leading with Equity:  Early Childhood Educators Make it Personal

    Leading with Equity: 
    Early Childhood Educators Make it Personal

    The Summary of the June 2018 Leading and Working toward Equity Leadership Summit is out.

    Read the report HERE.

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