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  • Hello, I'm looking into Pro-care and Bright Wheel as options for program software.  We do not need the accounting/billing piece at all.  Any feedback on either one?  Also any other suggestions? We mainly are wanting: enrollment data, newsletters, lesson ... More

  • Here are a few. I teach a workshop on Learning Through Positive Risk which features a large component on physical activity.  Carlson, F. M. (2011). Big body play: Why boisterous, vigorous, and very physical play is essential to children's development ... More

  • Hello Terri, As I stated in email to Teresa, my company has a 5 step onboarding process that will meet all of your needs.  I love to connect with you and see what I can do for you.   Pearl Loftlin Moving Forward Training Solutions, LLC ------------------------------ ... More

  • Hi Terri, We offer both self paced continuing education and innovative parental education that I think could be an asset to your center. Are you planning on attending the NHSA conference in Orlando next month? My company is attending and I'd love to ... More

  • Collages, I am interested in learning how to create an onboarding program for my program.  What are the components, what insensitive are you offering parents/Caregivers, and will this include a follow up? Terri M. Robinson Team Leader Prekindergarten  ... More

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