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  • First of all, children are not required to nap for 2 hours straight. The younger children can go about an hour and a half if they are tired. I was a Director of a Preschool for many years before I was laid off because of the pandemic, I never allowed ... More

  • I can't tell you how happy it is that this thread keeps getting attention after all these years!  I am also interested in this webinar. If we can't find it, then we will have to make our own. So many professionals here have shared numerous ideas, and ... More

  • Hi there everyone, I'm Katie and I teach Pre-K in Massachusetts. I was an aide for the year of 2020 (so for half the year) and then hired on as an aide for Fall 2021, in December 2021 I took over as lead teacher in my classroom due to the lead teacher ... More

  • My email has changed to Terri Winbush, Principal Local District North West Chase Early Education Center Phone #: (818) 830-4455 ... More

  • Hello!  We use Brightwheel for our preschool. Our staff and families love it! It works pretty great and their customer service is amazing! I'm sure if you reach out to them and make a feature request, they will help you out. Good luck! ------------------------------ ... More

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