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    RE: PreK class sizes

    Hi Jessica, class size is generally determined by square footage of the classroom space.  So many children are permitted per square foot of the room. Group sizes and ratios of number of adults:children is determined by state regulation and licensure. ... More

  • Thank you so much for all the support and advice. I am definitely prioritizing building relationships around the center and demonstrating my excitement to work with them all. I'm working one-on-one with each teacher to get to know them, find out what ... More

  • For teachers in centers or schools: Use everyday situations  as  opportunities for math: In taking attendance: when a new student enters the group it becomes an addition problem.. When students are absent  it is a subtraction  problem.  With the calendar, ... More

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    PreK class sizes

    I'm curious, are Pre-K class sizes determined by State laws or local laws? Could anyone here please send me your local class size law? When I taught in TN it was 20 max, but I'm hearing some classes are larger. Thanks in advance for sharing! ------------------------------ ... More

  • This is a really difficult situation and all of the relationship building suggestions are great. Along those lines, check out the naeyc publication: Coaching with Powerful Interactions . The strength-based approach is really effective. That said, sometimes ... More

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