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  • Hi Nicole,  Here's a link to a NAEYC article that may help. The bottom of the article also has additional studies listed. I hope this helps. ------------------------------ Marie ... More

  • Can someone direct me toward research on young children and gender? I have the following situation: Two days ago, parents sent the following email  "We have been asking the kids each day what they would like their pronoun to be that day. -ian has been ... More

  • I'm interested in knowing how you all are mediating any possible negative effects of children wearing masks at childcare centers. Our teachers have been masked for quite a while now however we are just now asking children to wear masks when indoors, not ... More

  • Hello everyone,  I'm excited to share that the theme in our Winter 2022 issue of   Teaching Young Children,   coming out in January is " What Is Developmentally Appropriate Technology in Preschool".  It was shared a lot of the information in this ... More

  • Thank you. I’ll forward this my two teachers looking at this question! Alison More

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