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  • Hello Patricia, As a former Administrator and Director of ECE programs, I appreciate your interest to support a new member of your staff and her infant as it sounds like they are both adjusting to your ECE program. A few thoughts for your consideration ... More

  • Teaching children to honor and respect our Country and Flag is our Civic Duty . We should instill an Early Love for Our County. Our Patriotism connects us as Americans. No other Country has done more for the World than Our Country...We should be Proud ... More

  • 100% agree with Aren. Thank you for wording that much more gracefully than what I was thinking. If you are talking about using the pledge for things ideas like unity, justice, togetherness, or the cognitive skill of rote memorization - how do those ... More

  • What about something else resolute, like the Lord's Prayer, for example? Kids won't grasp what they're saying for some time, nor will they grasp the meaning of the Pledge of Allegiance, but we can certainly encourage them to participate to the best ... More

  • Hi Amy, I also had problems with the acoustics in the classroom. Mine was because of our vinyl floor. So I carpeted part of the classroom. Messy area still has vinyl. But the loudness decreased incredibly. If you think it is the ceiling, they have fabric ... More

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