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  • Hello! I realize this is an old thread, but I am very interested if anyone has found any research on this topic?  I believe the general rule is 3 minutes per year (e.g., 4-year-olds = 12 minutes), but I can't find any reliable sources to back this up. ... More

  • HI Zondrah,  Challenges exist, but research studies report the benefits of carefully selected developmentally appropriate and interactive technology tools and materials to enhance children's learning and development as effectively as playing and working ... More

  • HI Lauren, Thank you so much for those great suggestions on how we can stay actively involved on Social media and with Government.     Since Child Care and Early Education is also a Workforce issue, and current shortages of High Quality Care are preventing ... More

  • Yes! Thank you for sharing that video, very clear and useful.  Let's get it OUT THERE folks!! ------------------------------ Laila Taslimi founder Untitled No. 1 Santa Monica CA ------------------------------ More

  • I thought this video on the topic was very well done... "Without thoughtful implementation, a proposal for universal Pre-K could derail much of the country's child care system, particularly for infants, toddlers, ... More

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