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  • Please join the Center for American Progress and NAEYC for an online event on Thursday, May 28, 2020 from 12:00pm - 1pm EST to hear from child care providers on the front lines. During this event, they will share how the coronavirus pandemic has affected ... More

  • Dear NAEYC Members and Customers,  One of NAEYC's partners who handles and processes much of NAEYC's mail has had to temporarily shut down due to a COVID outbreak.  They expect to reopen on May 7th.  Until then, your patience with any processing ... More

  • Due to the impact of COVID-19, NAEYC staff will work remotely from Monday, March 16th  through Friday, June 5th.  During this time, we will not have access to live telephone calling.  Therefore, we ask that you email us at: .  Your ... More

  • Hi Carol.... I am not sure if others have responded to you, but OCFS ratios haven't changed, but the Governor's executive order currently limits group sizes in the state to 10 people.... which includes child care centers.  His executive order supersedes ... More

  • Yes. They will be posted on our website within a week at . Live participation is required for anyone needing a certificate of attendance. Thanks! ------------------------------ Kimberly Tice Ohio Association for the Education of Young Children ... More



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