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Playing Is Learning
1 an hour ago by Deborah L Schein
Original post by Elaine Marcelle
Math Is Everywhere
3 2 hours ago by Deborah L Schein
Original post by Patrizia Sicilia
New Director at a Center that Critically Needs Improvement
9 2 hours ago by Eileen Donahue Brittain
Original post by Valerie Stefani
PreK class sizes
2 8 hours ago by Jacqueline Frig Sankowski
Original post by Jessica Farmer
Watch the Early Childhood Videos on the NSF Showcase
0 yesterday by Kristen Reed
The Unintended Consequences of Universal Preschool
37 yesterday by Cynthia Maire Bohrer
Original post by Jorge Saenz De Viteri
Report: Increasing federal investment in children's early care and education to raise quality, access, and affordability
0 2 days ago by Jorge Saenz De Viteri
How to respond When boys maKe every thing Into a weapon?
13 2 days ago by Melanie Smith
Original post by Susan Ferguson
Article in New York Times about Value of Universal PreK and in the Washington Post about why it is loosing support with Republicans
5 2 days ago by Melanie Smith
Original post by Eileen Donahue Brittain
Research Survey Participation Request
5 2 days ago by Melanie Smith
Original post by Mary Samour
Young Children Issues
1 2 days ago by Mary Samour
Original post by Eileen Donahue Brittain
2 3 days ago by Sharon Culbertson
Original post by Tiffany Lynn Long
Anti-bias Children's books session
1 5 days ago by Brooke Barry
Original post by Brigitte Yount Willis
A word a week
11 6 days ago by Tiffany Ann Myers
Tips and advice on how to have a succeful co-teacher working relationship?
13 7 days ago by Nora Jane Krieger
Original post by Monica Vazquez
Naeyc Accreditation Standard 2J.2
8 8 days ago by Amanda Roy
Original post by Lisa M Schultz
NAEYC age range
4 8 days ago by Monica Ogara
Original post by Yvette Lovell-Biggs
Teacher Appreciation Week!
1 8 days ago by Lella Gandini
Original post by Shonda Wilson
Provisional Accreditation
0 8 days ago by Carla Littel Hildebrand
Vaccinated Adults, Unvaccinated Children & Long COVID
7 8 days ago by Alan Guttman
Teacher/Child Interaction Videos
6 9 days ago by Deandra Wimberley
Newly Acquired Center
3 9 days ago by Christina McCloud
Original post by Cecilia Holt
Singing Instructions Rather Than Speaking Them: Looking for examples
40 10 days ago by Shonda Wilson
Original post by Monica Vazquez
CDA Council delays and lack of response
2 10 days ago by Flora Harmon
Original post by Holly C Dalferes
Accreditation Standard 2.L2
3 10 days ago by Sue Miller
Original post by Lisa M Schultz
classroom videos
4 12 days ago by Dorian Cortes
5 13 days ago by Catherine Jhung
Original post by Jennifer Lynn Zook
What do children & families need most in our "practically post pandemic" world?
2 14 days ago by Candice Tripi Scott
Original post by Margro Purple
Introduce Yourself
340 14 days ago by Yvette Lovell-Biggs
Original post by Carlena A Sheeran
Support from Biden?
11 14 days ago by Cynthia Maire Bohrer
Original post by Melinda Wardle
Teacher Appreciation 2021!
4 15 days ago by PATRICIA Ann BRADLEY
Original post by Deanna Jackson
Redistricting & You update: 2020 apportionment data & state populations
0 15 days ago by Tonya Satchell
DAP: Community Walks with Toddlers
7 15 days ago by Patricia Little
Original post by Kayla de Groot
13 16 days ago by Mary Elizabeth Hayes
Original post by Cynthia Maire Bohrer
Singing Helps with Everything
0 16 days ago by Elaine Marcelle
Self Care for All
0 17 days ago by Patrizia Sicilia
Big Books
5 21 days ago by Sherry Sanden
Original post by Elizabeth Ann Dermody
NAEYC Support
0 22 days ago by Julie Tzipori
Holocaust Children's Books in the Classroom
3 22 days ago by Joanie Calem
Original post by Leah Walker
New book club- sharing picture books that support anti-bias learning for young children
0 23 days ago by Margaret Thomas
Research Survey Participation Request - "Perceived Influences of Significant Life Experiences on Early Childhood Educators' Teaching Practices."
3 23 days ago by Kathryn Kashner
Original post by Mary Samour
How do you teach preschoolers about Consent?
9 23 days ago by Elizabeth Lasher
Original post by Monica Vazquez
Preschoolers and Distance Learning
4 24 days ago by Trudy Eby
Original post by Barbara Nilsen
Juneteenth celebration
11 25 days ago by Mars April Caulton
Original post by Jeanne Marie deMarrais
Research Survey Participation Request - early childhood educators' experiences with professional development
5 25 days ago by Mary Samour
Original post by Amanda Flagle
How to Learn the Autoharp
4 28 days ago by Donna N King
Monthly book distributors
2 28 days ago by Makiko Oleynikov
Young 3's class
6 29 days ago by Kathleen A Fong
Original post by Karen A Patton
Rest time for Pre-K
13 one month ago by Cynthia M Mendez
Original post by Erin Geiger
Baby Gates
3 one month ago by Holly C Dalferes
Original post by Portland Lloyd