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Playdough during Covid 19
8 an hour ago by Nicole Lynn Fravel
Original post by Mary-Margaret Stockert
Best site/subscription for printable books Pre-k classroom
3 8 hours ago by Emily Crawford
Original post by Sarah P Enaire
Incorporate Anti-racism assignments to College ECE Classes
7 11 hours ago by Eileen Donahue Brittain
Original post by Wei Dai
Daily Reports
0 yesterday by Patricia Jack
health screenings
4 yesterday by Lynda Klosterman
Original post by Sharon Culbertson
French resources for families
2 yesterday by Milagros Vargas Neu
Original post by Juana Elizabeth Rodriguez-Vazquez
Book suggestions for 3-5 year olds who are moving far away from all they've ever known
3 yesterday by Teresa Hargrave
Virtual Planner
2 yesterday by Lorraine Alvarado- Calderon
Original post by Milagros Vargas Neu
Each and Every Child book discussion - Tuesday evening group
1 2 days ago by Lisa Mack Thompson
Original post by Dawn Hays
Lesson Plans
1 2 days ago by Angela Blankenship
Original post by Karen Wilson
face masks
45 3 days ago by Tara M Hurdle
Original post by Dawn Justman
NAEYC Conference and Professional Learning Institute
2 3 days ago by Gill Walker
Original post by Mary Walker
Lessons from Turtle Island
2 4 days ago by Encian Pastel
Original post by Margaret Thomas
Conference Proposals
0 4 days ago by Haley Futch
Book Group: Anti-Bias Education for Young Children and Ourselves (Reflections week 2)
0 4 days ago by Kresha Warnock
Best virtual site for learning and parent communication
3 4 days ago by Vera Chang-Garcia
Let's talk about it: RACE: a Get Uncomfortable book discussion series starts tomorrow Aug 9
0 4 days ago by Emma Passalacqua
Home assessment of overall child development
5 4 days ago by Anita M Osborn
Original post by Nancy Little
Thinking about Each and Every Child: Teaching Preschool with an Equity Lens
6 5 days ago by Kathleen Harris
Original post by Community Engagement Manager
Napping Preschool Children during Covid
4 6 days ago by Chantalle Wakelin
Original post by Patty Kilyanek
Where do you stand on the topic of telling parents that their child took one of their big firsts at childcare?
9 6 days ago by Chantalle Wakelin
Original post by Bethany Houchins
Funding in question
0 6 days ago by Susan M Williams
Professional development specialist accreditation
0 6 days ago by Miriam EcksteinKoas
Research on family pods and school pods
2 7 days ago by Debbie Medeiros Carey
Virtual Classroom Screen Time
2 7 days ago by Carla Harper
Outdoor Learning
0 7 days ago by Monica Wiedel-Lubinski
Return to School- Backpacks
0 8 days ago by Janice Lynn Benning
Developmental Appropriateness of Distance Learning
20 8 days ago by Lynn C Hartle
Original post by Barbara Gallios
looking for you tubes and videos on infant and toddler development
13 8 days ago by Ellen Christine Luna
Original post by Deborah L Schein
Virtual Classroom
0 9 days ago by Angela Blankenship
Pillars of Peace
0 10 days ago by Craig Simpson
Private Teaching Pods
6 11 days ago by Rosie I Hoeffner
Original post by Debra Anne Bernstein
Membership materials year 2
7 13 days ago by KATHLEEN HERRINGTON
Original post by Dawn R Chase
CDA Help
2 13 days ago by Toni Alexis Dickerson
Hand Sanitizers
0 13 days ago by Patti Clauson
Sanitizing/Disinfecting Carpeting
5 13 days ago by Abigail Marsters
Original post by Hilarie Kay
Seeking suggestions for measuring child-level outcomes
4 13 days ago by Morine Bennett
Original post by Kristin King
Racism Is Killing the Planet
12 14 days ago by Shawn Wagner
Original post by Tonya Satchell
Gold Seal Quality Care Accrediting Association
1 14 days ago by Meghann Elizabeth Hickey
Original post by Lisa Bartee
NAEYC Accreditation Online Portfolio's
3 15 days ago by Marina Isabel Gonzales
Original post by Cynthia Maxfield
Internships and Placements
2 15 days ago by Katy Gregg
Original post by Fain Barker
Online Learning Resources
49 15 days ago by Barbara Gallios
Original post by Beth Vogel
approval for postponing reaccreditation
1 16 days ago by April Kimble
Original post by Debbie simpson
2020 Census = Pass the word - It's not too late!
0 17 days ago by Tonya Satchell
Hazard Pay
6 17 days ago by Toni Alexis Dickerson
Original post by Anneliese Scherfen
Introduce Yourself
284 20 days ago by Daniela O'Neill
Original post by Carlena A Sheeran
Carpool and Reopening videos
0 20 days ago by Heloise Maconochie
Art for 13mos. Pre- toddlers during covid
3 20 days ago by JoAnne E. Saunders
Original post by OLIVIA Nelson-Green
Ideas for teaching prek Inclusion class remotely
3 20 days ago by Caryn Marr
Original post by Cheryl Pettus Thompson
Candid Conversations - The Impact of ADA, What Still Needs to be Done
0 22 days ago by Carol Watson